No, Pastor Matthew isn’t going anywhere!

Even before 2020 hit us like a freight train, we knew that there was a growing mission field online. Already at the end of 2019, there were plans being put together to enable us to better share both of our worship services with an online community and when COVID hit, it moved that to a top priority! Over the past couple of months, we’ve been busy running cable and installing new equipment that will take our online presence to a new level and help us keep the higher quality we’ve had from pre-recording the services and bring that to the services streamed live. It’s very exciting to think of all the ways the new system we’re installing can be used for ministry! Not only can we broadcast both worship services live and have the quality be top notch, we can also broadcast or record all sorts of other events happening in the Sanctuary and Family Life Center (and eventually, the Fellowship Hall, too)!

All of this new stuff means that the worship and communications department is growing beyond what can be led by me alone. In order to continue to pursue excellence in what we do in the area of worship and communications, we’re adding a Worship Arts Leader to the team. This person will partner with me and be part of the team leading worship at St Matthew. If skills allow, we’re hoping for someone who can lend their talents in both services.

My role will shift from being the main worship leader in the contemporary service to being focused on growing our online presence and developing almost an “online campus” for those near or far who find themselves connecting with St Matthew. In the short term, we know that many aren’t going to be comfortable worshipping in person for a while, so we want to craft ways for them to stay connected and growing online. But we also know that doing ministry online isn’t going to go away. In an increasingly online culture, we’re going to forge ahead into this mission field and discover ways to make disciples – even if they’re a world away!

I’m very excited about the possibilities before us as I watch how God is turning a pandemic into new missions and ministry opportunities! We’re hoping to fill the Worship Arts Leader position soon so if there’s someone you know who might be a good fit, have them fill out an application online right away!

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