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Red Letter Challenge

The eyewitness accounts of Jesus life tell us that He embodied Grace and Truth, and that hurting, desperate, and troubled people flocked to him as a source of help and healing. Jesus was, by his own admission, the way, the truth and the life and the light of the world. People experienced love, grace, kindness, and joy because of their encounters with Jesus. If we are called to be his followers, and to represent Him on this earth, why do people outside the church see us very differently than the people of Jesus day saw Him? According to research done by the Barna Group, Christians are characterized as being “judgmental, hypocritical, too political, old-fashioned, out of touch, and insensitive.” We are missing the mark, and if we want people to flock to us to receive the same help and healing that Jesus offered, then it’s time for a change!

The Red letter Challenge is an opportunity for us to become more like Jesus by studying his words and then actually putting them into practice. Living like Jesus is the only way to change the minds of a generation that has turned away from the church. The world needs followers of Jesus who don’t just study what he said but who are willing to walk where he walked, love like he loved, forgive like he forgave, and give like he gave.  Are you ready to accept the RED LETTER CHALLENGE?


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