Resources for Growth

Find resources and tools to help you grow in your faith.
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For most people, finding time for daily devotions is tough. Any of the links below are great places to start for a daily devotions that will only take a few minutes each day.


  • Lent Devotions written by Rev. Phil Brandt
  • The Meyer Minute” – A short read but more than a minute’s worth of thought with Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.
  • Daily devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries.
  • By The Way” with Dr. Paul Devantier provides thought-for-the-day messages of love, comfort, hope, joy and expectation.
  • Today’s Verse” from KFUO radio, St. Louis, which is owned by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.
  • Portals of Prayer” – relevant, Bible based messages from Concordia Publishing House.

Faith Five is a quick, easy, and fun way to open up the lines of communication with your family and with God at the same time!

Around the dinner table or before bed each night, gather the family together and go through the five steps:


  1. SHARE your highs and lows from the day
  2. READ a Bible verse or story
  3. TALK about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs and lows
  4. PRAY for one another’s highs and lows
  5. BLESS one another