Communications Request

Have an announcement or promotion to share? You're in the right place!

Communication is one of the most important things we can do well. We have the greatest message of hope to offer, and we get the opportunity to communicate it to the people of St Matthew, as well as those around our community. In order to communicate with purpose and strategy, we must plan and prioritize the things we communicate to our people. Use one of the forms below to request a communication. Please answer all form questions to allow the Communications team all the information needed to provide the most efficient and effective communication. 

If your announcement is for an event that requires a room or space on campus, please complete a Facility Request FIRST. 

Do you have an event or update to share with the congregation and our followers? This is the place for you! Fill out this form with all appropriate information and submit it to our communications department. Bulletin and email deadline is Wednesday at 9 AM. 

Do you need a poster, an event logo, or a special graphic outside of an event? This is the place to start! Keep in mind, we’ll need plenty of lead time to complete your project. 

Pre-service announcement slides are made automatically for announcements, so only complete this form if you need something beyond that or you have a specific vision for your announcement slide. 

Communications Prioritization

For promotional purposes, events and ministries are prioritized primarily by how much of our congregation the event involves, and by how much outreach the event will do.  

The chart below provides an overview of priority levels, how events and ministries may fall within the priority levels, and what type of promotion might be used at each of the different levels.  It is a guideline for approving the scope of communications requests, with the understanding that each request is unique.

Requests for promotion from organizations and events outside of St Matthew will be considered, though St Matthew ministries have priority of space and attention. 

Priority Level Event Examples Potential Promotion

Level 1:

Impacts 80% or more of our Sunday Morning audiences


Includes key outreach or connection opportunities for the community and congregation.


Worship Events

Missions Offerings

Church-wide Spiritual Growth Campaign




Sunday School

Volunteer Opportunities

Outreach Events

Social Media Post

Bulletin Announcement

Preservice Slide

Weekly Email

Special Email

Custom Media/Graphics


Church Calendar

Facebook Event

Level 2:

Impacts 20% or more of our Sunday Morning audiences


Designated ministries of the church

Midsize Events

Missions Opportunities

Age group ministries

Social Media Post

Bulletin Announcement

Weekly Email

Preservice Slide

Custom Media/Graphic

Church Calendar

Level 3:

Impacts less than 20% of our Sunday Morning Audiences

Niche Opportunities

Prayer Groups

Social Media Post

Bulletin Announcement

Preservice Slide

Targeted Email

Church Calendar