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Inclement Weather Policy

Sometimes people ask if our Sunday Church Services will be cancelled because of snowfall. The short answer is “Very unlikely.” But just because Pastor likes to drive in storms doesn’t mean you enjoy it. So Pastor’s evaluation is; if you would drive to your kids basketball game you should drive to church, if you wouldn’t […]

Help Us Sponsor a Family!

The H2H class has chosen to help King’s Table Ministries Sponsor a Family program again this year. We would love your help to provide items these families have requested. We are helping 4 families, consisting of 19 people, so we need “all hands on deck” to make sure these families get the items they need […]

Babysitting Services

Parents, need some extra kid-free time to finish your holiday shopping, or just want a break? We’re here to help! On December 4 from 6-9pm & December 20, immediately following late service to 4pm. Sr High Youth (and Adult Supervision) are offering their babysitting services to raise money for their National Youth Gathering trip. (We […]

Service Times & Office Hours

Liturgical Worship - 8:30 AM
Sunday School and Education - 9:45 - 10:30 AM
Contemporary Worship - 10:45 AM

Church Office Hours: M-F 9AM - 3PM




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