Week 38: Nehemiah 1-2, 4

A New Wall

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Kiddo Activity

In this week’s Bible story, we meet Nehemiah who faced some big challenges. Have you noticed in a lot of our Bible stories this year people face some pretty tough challenges and choices? Lions, fiery furnaces, giants…the list is endless. Did you also notice how God was faithful and with them through those times?  I hope so because those promises and His presence is always there for you too! This week’s story is no different. First, Nehemiah is saddened over the news of Jerusalem’s wall. Then he needed courage to ask the king for help to let him go to help rebuild it. When they started to build the wall Nehemiah faced a lot of obstacles too. When people made fun of him, he prayed. When enemies threatened to attack, he came up with a plan to guard so the building could keep happening. Although the dangers and distractions were real, Nehemiah encouraged the people when they were tired and scared. He reminded them how great and awesome the Lord is! What a great reminder for us too!

Your activity this week:

I have a fun snack planned that you can eat AFTER you build your wall. I have a photo example of my wall below but feel free to build your wall however you want. I’ve provided different flavored wafers, chocolate frosting, and licorice (I used a scissors ahead of time to cut the licorice into different sized pieces). 

One little extra challenge (especially for the older kiddos if they are up to it):  In your “Story Bible” it said, “Each labored on the work with one hand and held his weapon with the other”. They had to build and be on guard in case the enemy was tying to hurt them. When you build your wall, are you able to “labor” with one hand (put the frosting on the wafers, put the wall together, etc.) while holding your weapon (your sword) in the other hand? Have fun and I’d love to see your walls after they are done!


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