Week 28: 1 Samuel 17

David Sees the Army & David Fights Goliath

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David Fights Goliath

This week’s Bible story is one of the most famous stories in the Bible. Little David, the least likely choice of anyone, takes on the giant Goliath. People again focused on the outside appearance. Who is the strongest? What armor or protection can we offer the warrior to take on the giant? David, as a reminder to all of us, focuses on God. First, he tells Saul of how the Lord had saved him before from lions and bears before. He has seen the Lord’s protection and trusts that He will save him again when David says “He will save me from this Philistine”. Then, with bold confidence, he goes on to tell Goliath exactly how he is going to be defeated. “I come to you in the name of the Lord Almighty…I will strike you down…Then all the earth will know that there is a God in Israel”. People often say “David killed Goliath” when they mention this story and it is true. David slung the stone. But David gave the glory to God. He knew WHO was his source of strength and protection.

Have fun this week drawing your own Goliath. Here’s an example of Mrs. Wieneke next to her Goliath. I thought I was tall but WOW!!! You will actually be drawing a real-sized version of Goliath.

After you draw your Goliath, see if you can find a wall inside or outside so your parents can hang it for you. Think about some scary things you or your family might be facing. Now think about how David handled the scary giant from your Bible story. Instead of thinking about Goliath and how big, brutal and ferocious he was, David focused on the Lord. Instead of saying, “I’m too small, or I don’t have the right armor, or there’s no way I will win”, David focused on everything that God has done for him and what God will continue to do. Grab your 5 ping-pong balls (the five smooth stones David chose) and see if you can throw one on the forehead of Goliath. Remember God can use little things and little people to do His big jobs.

Youth Activity

1 Samuel 17:45

  • Goliath had his physical stature and strength; David had the strength of God with him. You have that same strength in you too!
  • What can you accomplish knowing that God is with you?


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