Week 17: Numbers 13-14

The Twelve Spies in Canaan

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Kiddo Activity

“Spies and Giants” 

Have you ever made a fear or a problem bigger than what it really is? Sadly, Mrs. Wieneke does this quite often. Just like my “humongous” spider in the video, there are things that happen in my life that when I look back on them, I usually realize it wasn’t nearly as scary as I made it out to be. I unfortunately try to tackle it on my own without first praying to God and trusting and asking Him for help too. It never works out too well that way!

The spies in this week’s Bible story (with the exception of Joshua and Caleb) were a lot like me. Although the land was as wonderful as God described (they brought back some grapes and carried them on a pole…your activity this week), they said the people were too strong and their forts were too large. They even said they were like little grasshoppers to the people who were giants of the land.

Caleb and Joshua showed faith and trust in God. They reminded the people to not be afraid because the Lord was with them and the Lord would protect them. When you paint your grapes this week, I hope you remember the Lord is always with you too. You can be brave and bold and trust in God because you don’t face your “giants” alone. 

Grape painting activity instructions:

  1. Pour purple paint on a paper plate.
  2. Dip the cup in the paint for each grape you make. Make sure paint covers the whole cup.
  3. I gave you an example of my grapes, but you can paint your grapes any way you want. Be creative. Just leave a little room to write part of this week’s Bible passage. 
  4. When the paint is dry write “The Lord is with us. Numbers 14:9”.

Youth Activity

In Numbers 14:13-19, we see Moses intercede for the people of Israel to God. The word intercede means “intervene on behalf of another,” and that’s exactly what we see Moses do: he prays to God to spare the Israelites, even though they’re disobedient and rebel against God, and He listens.

As followers of Jesus, prayers of intercession are important for us to participate in. Whether it’s for someone who doesn’t know God, is struggling in their faith, or is lost, us praying on their behalf is a strong and meaningful way to connect them–and ourselves–with God. This week, practice interceding prayer by praying for other people regularly.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do you know that could use prayers of intercession?
  • Why do you think it’s important for us to pray for others? When we read why Moses prayed for intercession for the Israelites (Numbers 14:1-12), what else can we learn about its importance?
  • Have you ever needed someone to pray for you in this way? How do you think asking for this kind of prayer in the future can help you?


Written by people you worship with at St Matthew.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

By Cathy Schornhorst

Keep your eye on the prize.

This is one of my favorite mantras. Whenever I have a choice to make, whether in life or playing a game, I will tell myself to “keep your eye on the prize.” Sometimes I have to repeat it over and over, but it has proven helpful many, many times.

As I studied the scripture for this devotion, Numbers 13 and 14, I can’t help but wonder if that would have helped. The prize for the Israelites was the land that the Lord was going to deliver. That’s right, the prize was going to be given to them by the Lord. Even knowing that, they lost sight of it.

Let’s look at the situation: they are on this journey, clearly with the Lord and His direction and protection. They are getting close and given the instruction to go and explore. Twelve men are chosen to go see the land; to see if it’s fertile, how it’s currently inhabited, etc. So, why are they sent? Certainly it isn’t because the Lord didn’t know the answers. It’s because they needed to know. So they go on their expedition and when they come back they give glowing reports on the land except that it is too well protected and therefore unattainable. What? What’s the prize again: the land that the Lord was going to deliver! And knowing that – really knowing it – 10 of the 12 still decided that it couldn’t be done. There were two of the 12, Caleb and Joshua, that clearly knew the prize. They were excited about the land and so frustrated that the other 10 just couldn’t see it.

How frustrating this must have been for Caleb and Joshua. They were on the expedition with the other 10. They saw all the same things and came back excited and ready to proceed, to go and receive the prize, when the other 10 could not see it and were not willing to risk it.

How scary this must have been for the other 10. They were so afraid of the obstacles that they just couldn’t process and hold on to the Lord’s promise that He would deliver. They heard the arguments and frustrations of Caleb and Joshua and still couldn’t get past their own fears. 

I could put myself in either of those spots in some situations. I’d like to believe I’d be like Caleb and Joshua, knowing that my inadequacies wouldn’t matter because the Lord had it covered. That my faith would be so strong that there would be no other way. I also know that I could be like the others and look only at the obstacles and find it hard to trust. 

Don’t some see our salvation a lot like that? We know it, we trust it, we have our eyes on the prize that awaits us in eternal life with Jesus. There are others that have seen what we see and just don’t trust it. They can’t wrap their arms around the fact that eternity in heaven can be delivered. Yet we know it. With everything we have, we know it and we can’t understand why they can’t see it. We know the Lord will deliver us to eternity with Him and there aren’t any obstacles that can get in the way that He can’t overcome.

The season we’ve been in this past year has been tough, but we have the promise of the ultimate prize. Keep your head up, keep looking up, and keep your eye on the prize.

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