Week 14: Exodus 11-13

The Passover

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Kiddo Activity

Eating In a Hurry!

The perfect activity over Christmas Break… a chance to visit the McDonald’s drive-thru and get some food! Each gift card has a $5.00 amount. Enjoy!

How many of you love Happy Meals? Do you get the burger or the chicken nuggets? When my children were smaller, there was only one main reason they wanted the Happy Meal. Can you guess what it is? Maybe it’s your reason too?  THE TOY!!

There’s nothing very extraordinary about your average drive-thru meal; you’re usually just there to grab a quick bite to eat and get back on the road. Let’s take a minute to think about this simple meal and how it can remind us of another meal: The Passover. Your Story Bible says, “You shall eat the lamb with your belt on, your sandals on your feet, your staff in your hand. And you shall eat it in a hurry” p. 107). If your parents want to help you read even more about the quick meal, you can check out Exodus 12: 31-42. The Egyptians wanted the people to hurry and leave the country so they even took their dough before the yeast was added. Quick food on the road…just like your meal today. 

The simple meal we call Passover is a reminder of God’s amazing plans. It not only reminds us that God saved Israel from slavery in Egypt, the blood of the lamb reminds us of what Jesus would do for us on the cross. When you eat your food today, thank God for the food He’s given you. Thank God for the plans He has for you too. Ask God to show you His plans and ask Him to lead you, like the Israelites. God will show you the way (maybe not with clouds and fire) but he will amaze you with the plans He has in store for you. 

Extra Family Fun Game…French Fry Drop:
Do you have enough money left over to buy an extra order of fries? All your need is a pack of French fries and a cup. Give each player 30 seconds to drop as many fries as they can, one at a time, into the cup. The player who gets the most fries into the cup wins. 


Written by people you worship with at St Matthew.



By Duane & Nancy Nagle

I keep asking myself, “why did Lori Wieneke ask the Nagel’s to do a devotion on Exodus 11-13?” Much of it is very unpleasant.

“At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well.” – Exodus 12:29

I can’t help but have a picture of thousands of babies and baby lambs, killed in order for God’s chosen people to be set free. But then, as I dug deeper, certain words and phrases began to jump out at me: “out of Egypt,” “Obey these instructions,” “Redeem with a lamb every firstborn donkey,” “Redeem every firstborn among your sons.”

The Israelites were in bondage to Egypt and God was setting them free. They were to obey His Passover instructions to remember this great work He did for them. They were to redeem – set apart for the Lord the firstborn donkey and the firstborn son. This is a foreshadowing of Jesus!  Jesus died as the Passover Lamb to redeem us from death and bondage to sin. What a plan our God has set in motion for us if we just believe! Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me! – Nancy

Currently the whole world is waiting for “redemption” from a pandemic which has gone on about a year. The Israelites were given a preview of God’s salvation plan and set free after hundreds of years in bondage. Since we have the benefit of knowing Jesus fulfilled God’s plan, we can know that God is with us in all circumstances. – Duane

Together we pray, Lord, thank you for sending Jesus to save us from sin and guarantee our salvation. Help us to patiently await the day we will be with you, and help us to see how you are acting for the good of all in these times. Amen

The Nagel’s miss you all and wish you a God-filled, healthy 2021!

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