Want to dig deeper into today’s message and take it beyond Sunday? Use this discussion guide with your small group, with your family, or even on your own to dig deeper into God’s Word and apply it to your life!

Ezekiel 47:1-12

Start Talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.

  1. Do you like swimming? Do you prefer an ocean, lake or swimming pool?
  2. What’s your favorite drink on a hot day?


Start Digging. Open up the Bible and start getting into the passage.

  1. Where does the river start? Which direction does it flow (w. 1-2)?
  2. What happens to the river as it gets farther from the temple (w. 3-6)?
  3. As it flows into the Dead Sea, what happens to the animals, fish, trees and people of the region (vv. 7-12)? What would the river mean to a people dependent on wells and cisterns for water?


Start Applying. Reflect on the passage and look for ways to apply it to your life.

  1. What might Ezekiel’s river represent? How do Jesus and the New Testament writers use the image of the river (John 4:14, Revelation 22:2)?
  2. What best describes your relationship with God: (a) Dying of thirst? (b) Man overboard? (c) Treading water? (d) Overflowing? (e) Water logged? (0) Smooth sailing?
  3. Does some part of your life feel like a parched desert? What would happen that would be like living water in the desert?
  4. Picture the spiritual life as a river that keeps getting deeper and deeper. Are you testing the waters? Ankle deep? Up to your waist? What is the next step? Can the small group help you take it?

Start Praying. Be bold and pray with power.

Pray that we would be a church like that river Ezekiel saw – that goes out from the temple and into the world bringing life and healing. 

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