We are very excited to have our Education Hour (9:45-10:30 AM) resume on Sundays starting September 19th. We will be utilizing the “Digging into the Heart of God” curriculum which brings a fresh approach to growing a lifelong relationship with Jesus. The first quarter will look at Bible Stories from the Old Testament (Creation through David) but instead of learning just the content and facts of each story, we will also be looking at these Bible stories through the lens of what it means to reflect the heart of God in everyday life. As “Followers of Jesus, Wherever We Are”, we are excited to see our families and children growing in His Word with each other.

For this year, we are asking for registration ahead of time if you are planning on REGULARLY attending Sunday School (ages Preschool through 5th grade). We are considering a regular attendee to come at least once or twice a month. You do not have to register every week…just ONE time for EACH child. If you’re not ready for regularly attending Sunday School, that’s okay – come when you can! This will help us tremendously with planning so we appreciate you taking a minute or two today to register. We know not everyone is ready to return to in-person church education and I will keep you posted on some other opportunities for your children as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lori at lwieneke@stmatthewgr.com

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