Week 4: Matthew 10:34-42

Start Talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.

  • What are some examples of paradoxes – statements that seem contradictory but are both true?

Start Digging. Open up the Bible and start getting into the passage.

  • Why did Jesus say He came to bring a sword and not peace? What does He want us to be ready for?
  • Why should you love God more than your own family?
  • In what kind of cases would you have to make a choice between God and family? Can you share any examples of when you have had to choose between obeying God or family?
  • What is the cost of being a disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ (vv. 37-39)? (See also Luke 14:25–33.)
  • What does it mean to take up your cross?
  • Define “find your life.” Define “loses their life.”
  • How can you apply verses 40-42? How should we treat other believers?

Start Applying. Reflect on the passage and look for ways to apply it to your life.

  • How might Christ’s truth divide a family? What kind of radical commitment does Jesus call for in verses 37-39?
  • What does the paradox of verse 39 mean to you? How can you lose yourself for Christ this week?
  • How can you best represent to your neighbors that the kingdom of heaven is near?
  • Read Matthew 10:37-39. How much are we supposed to love and follow Christ? Do you love Him that much? How can you show that love?
  • Read Matthew 10:40-42. What kind of rewards can we as believers receive? What are the conditions?

Start Praying. Be bold and pray with power.

Jesus, you call us to radical living in a way that is so different from the ways of this world. That’s something that we cannot do on our own but something we must rely on your power in our lives to accomplish. Give us courage and faith to trust in you and to live as you desire. Amen.

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