Want to dig deeper into today’s message and take it beyond Sunday? Use this discussion guide with your small group, with your family, or even on your own to dig deeper into God’s Word and apply it to your life!

Week 2: Matthew 9:35-10:42

Start Talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.

  • What kind of person would you want in your expedition party (to complement your weakness) the next time you embark on a great adventure?
  • Who was one of the more unusual house guests you or your family ever entertained?

Start Digging. Open up the Bible and start getting into the passage.

  • What did Jesus do before sending out his men (v. 1)?
  • How do the disciples’ activities here compare with what Jesus had been doing in chapters 8-9? With what he has just seen (9:36)? With what he has prayed (9:38)?
  • The zealots were guerrilla lighters committed to the freedom of the Jews from Rome. Why would Jesus choose one of them to be on the same team with Matthew, a tax collector who had worked with Rome?
  • What limits did Jesus put on their ministry (v. 5)? Do you think the disciples were disappointed that these groups were excluded? Why?
  • What was to be their message? What were they to do?
  • Why do you think that Jesus told them lo take nothing more than the clothes on their backs?
  • What was the basic point of Jesus prep oration speech to the disciples? What problems would they (and future disciples) face? How were they to respond to each problem?
  • What does it mean to be “like sheep among wolves,” “shrewd as snakes.” “innocent as doves” (v. 16)?
  • Who would persecute them? Why? In times of persecution, what could they expect from God?
  • How might Christ’s truth divide a family? What kind of radical commitment does Jesus call for in verses 37-39?
  • How were the disciples to understand their reception (w. 40-42)? What confirming authority does Jesus bestow upon his disciples at the end of his discourse (v. 40), as well as at the beginning (v. 1)?

Start Applying. Reflect on the passage and look for ways to apply it to your life.

  • What warnings or encouragements would you need to hear from Jesus in order go out and represent him?
  • How has Christ’s teaching united the members of your family? How has it divided them?
  • Under what circumstances do you find it most difficult to talk about your faith?
  • What does the paradox in verse 39 mean to you? How can you lose yourself for Christ this week?
  • How can you best represent to your neighbors that the kingdom of heaven is near?
  • What, besides dust on your feet, will stick with you from this passage?

Start Praying. Be bold and pray with power.

Jesus, you send us out into this world to be your light and your representatives. Help us to gladly own that mission and to carry it out with all that we have. Give us courage to be bold and passion to to be committed to you and your kingdom’s message. Thank you for promising to be with us wherever we go. Amen.

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