God speaks to us through His Word – we just have to listen! The words on the pages of your BIble or on the screen of your Bible app are the very voice of God and in those words, we hear the amazing story of God’s love for us.

At St Matthew, we want to be in the Word and growing as followers of Jesus and we’re starting a brand new, all-church focus on getting into and growing in the Bible. For 40 weeks in 2020 and 2021, we’re going to walk through the Old Testament. No, we won’t cover every chapter and verse of the Old Testament but we’ll hit some important highlights of the story of God’s love and faithfulness in its pages.

The schedule included here spans the first 10 weeks. Towards the end of each quarter, we’ll publish the list of the next readings.

Triple Play

Spending time in the Word doesn’t have to be a chore and we don’t have to feel lost trying to figure out where to start. Use the Triple Play as you read with your family, your small group, or even in your personal devotion times!

Highs and Lows: Start by sharing at least one high and one low from the day. Don’t skip this step!

Daily Dig: As you read the text of the week, customize your experience with resources found here to help you grow!

Pray: Take time to pray about the highs and lows and what you’ve read. Give thanks for the highs, ask for help in the lows, and pray for God’s Word to be alive in you each week!

Make the Daily Dig Your Own

People learn in a variety of ways so we’re making it easy to customize and enhance your time with God’s Word in the Daily Dig. Use these options as you do the Triple Play:

Read the Bible

The heart of St Matthew In The Word is actually being in the word! If you only have limited time each week, do this one! You’ll spend time in God’s Word and God will bless that. For families with younger kids, we have copies of The Story Bible available that can make reading the Bible come alive with lots of pictures. (The headings for each week on the reading plan correspond to the chapter titles in The Story Bible.)

Dig Deeper with Digital Resources

We’ll share a video or other resources on our website and social media that will help you go deeper and understand the passage for the week. Audio versions are also available to subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

Do Something

We’ll share some ideas for things you can do as you put God’s Word into practice each week: family activities, service ideas, journaling patterns, and more!

Devotions From People Around St Matthew

Each week, we’ll publish a devotion on the passage of the week written by someone from St Matthew.


The Old Testament

Old Testament – Quarter 3 Weekly Scripture

If using The Story Bible with kids as you read, the weekly headings match the chapter titles.

  • Feb 7: Entering the Promised Land & The Fall of Jericho – Joshua 3-4, 6
  • Feb 14: Deborah the Prophetess & TheLord Stops His Enemies – Judges 2, 4-5
  • Feb 21: Gideon & A Sword for the Lord – Judges 6-8
  • Feb 28: Samson & The Lord Makes Samson Strong – Judges 14-16
  • Mar 7: Ruth Goes Home With Naomi & A Blessing for Ruth – Ruth 1-4
  • Mar 14: Hannah’s Prayer & God Calls Samuel – 1 Samuel 1-3
  • Mar 21: Saul Becomes King – 1 Samuel 8-11
  • Mar 28: Samuel Anoints David – 1 Samuel 16
  • Apr 4: David Sees the Army & David Fights Goliath – 1 Samuel 17
  • Apr 11: David and Jonathan Become Friends – 1 Samuel 18
  • Apr 18: The Wisdom of Solomon – 1 Kings 3

Download a printable PDF to stick in your bible.


After generations of waiting, God’s people are finally in the Promised Land. But while the land is flowing with milk and honey – a symbol of the abundance and blessing in the land, the people continue to fail in their faithfulness to God. The readings from Judges remind us of a common refrain heard throughout the book, that the people did was was right in their own eyes – a practice that continually leads to disastrous results!

But while the people continue to fail, God continues to be faithful. He raises up leaders from within the people to help call them back to His ways and to their role as the nation through which God would bless the world. These judges would eventually lead to Israel asking God for a king so they could be more like the other nations around them, so God establishes Saul as their first king.

Through Saul, David, and Samuel, Israel experiences joys and struggles. Their faithfulness falters and they’re called back to trust in God again and again. It’s a picture that’s all to familiar to our own lives as people who are never quite as faithful as we might want to be and yet who are loved and delivered by a God whose faithfulness never waivers!

In the lives of both the judges and the kings of Israel, we see glimpses of God’s promise to restore and save His people and His creation. People like David, Samuel, and Deborah rise to the occasion to serve God’s people and speak His truth while also being imperfect and broken people themselves. They all help to point our focus further down the line to the One who is coming – the promised One of David’s descendants who would bring the salvation that the whole world needs.

Daily Dig Resources

Each week, new resources will be posted right here for you to customize your time in the Word. Use the resources or suggestions that work for you and your family.