The Board of Directors is calling a special voter’s assembly to issue a call to a senior pastor candidate. The meeting is Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 11:45 AM in the Family Life Center. There will also be a virtual (Zoom) option. Masks are required.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Candidate profile review
  2. Extend a call to senior pastor candidate

Zoom Practice

For those who wish to join via Zoom, a practice session will be available on Tuesday, April 13 from 7-8 PM. Log in any time during that hour to make sure your connection is ready for the meeting.

For families with more than one voting member, please note that we will be complying with LCMS recommendations and allowing only one vote per device, so each voting member will need to log in on a separate device for voting purposes if they each intend to vote. It is suggested that you verify all necessary devices during the practice Zoom.

Meeting ID: 824 0477 8333

Please note: the host will admit you to the meeting once you have clicked the link or entered the ID/passcode. 

Zoom Notes/Tips

  • For record keeping purposes, the Zoom meeting will be recorded. 
  • All users on Zoom should have their first and last names displayed. If your username is something different and you are unsure how to change it, please let the host know in the chat and they can help you change it. 
  • If your connection is spotty, turning off your video will help save bandwidth and keep your connection stable.
  • Each device gets one vote, so each voter needs their own device.
  • Please utilize the “raise hand” function and chat window if you would like to make a comment during discussion times.
  • The vote(s) will happen as a poll and will show up on your screen as they happen. Please make your selection within the time allotted.
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