We’re growing the worship and arts ministry at St Matthew as we expand our online services and take our production to the next level and that means growing the number of volunteers who help with technology in worship. We are adding live video streaming to the traditional worship service and expanding the live streaming capabilities for the contemporary service and if you’re interested in any of the roles below, please talk with Pastor Matthew today! As the new system gets installed we’ll be offering some training and equipping for those interested in serving as well as ongoing training down the road.

Here’s some of the new roles that we’ll have on Sunday mornings:

Camera Operator

As a camera operator you’ll help capture shots of worship and the people involved with the service. The shots from these cameras will go online and occasionally on the screen (like for baptisms or children’s programs).

Broadcast Sound

Our live streams will have audio processed separately from the sound in the room so that those watching via live stream will have the best possible sound.

Video Switcher

The video switcher will bring together the various cameras, slides, and other elements to produce the video for the live stream. Together with the camera operators, you’ll bring those watching into the service by creatively moving between cameras and angles.

In addition to these new roles, we’d also like to grow our other production teams:

Front of House Audio

As a front of house engineer, you’ll help the congregation clearly and comfortably hear everything that happens from the pastor to the music.


These volunteers help the congregation follow along and engage with worship through lyrics, sermon notes, and other parts of the service. It’s as easy as clicking a mouse!

Online Hosts

You’ll help make those watching online feel welcomed and engaged in the service through interacting with them during the service. No special skills are needed – just a love for people and a willingness to chat and pray with them!

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