During this time of quarantine and worshipping online from home, our online worship efforts have grown. In addition to streaming the contemporary worship on Facebook like we were before, we’re now streaming both services to two different platforms (Facebook and Church Online). While these are steps we took rapidly as COVID-19 hit a month ago, it was actually in the plans all along! COVID-19 just pushed our timeline up!

Streaming these services will continue after the quarantine is lifted and we’re able to return to worshipping together. One of the new teams we’re putting together to help enhance the sense of community we experience online is a Host Team.

What does the Chat Hosts Team do? In short, they’ll help create a welcoming and friendly environment for our online worship services!

This team will help create community and care for people online by:

  • Welcoming people as they join the online worship service.
  • Creating discussion around the message.
  • Praying for people.

While it’s preferable – when we can – to worship together at church, online worship is here to stay. It’s a great tool to reach the internet with the good news of Jesus and to share His love with people who might not be anywhere near us physically, as well as keeping the people of St Matthew connected when we can’t be together. We want to make the experience online one that helps people connect with one another and feel like they’re a part of St Matthew.

If you have a heart for people and you’re interested in being a Chat Host for online worship, contact Pastor Matthew.

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