Week 2

Genesis 2

Genesis 2 zeroes in the creation of Adam and Eve and their relationship to God and one another. Man and  Woman are created in the image of God to represent God’s character and presence in the garden and to  receive God’s blessings. This Eden is perfect and innocent. Adam and Eve did not even have the  desire to sin. But hang on, we will find out more next week. But today live in knowing the wonder of  God’s creation. 


Read Genesis 2 

On the Garden of Eden 

Genesis 2 starts with the Sabbath Day. The chapter verses are not part of the original writers books. Why do you think an editor added the chapter division there and begins chapter 2 with the 7th day of  creation? (Read Exodus 20:8-11. Why is resting an important part of life with God?) 

  • What does verse 25 tell us about this garden?
  • Why does the Bible specifically mention the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?  
  • The Bible starts and ends with rivers & trees of life. Read Revelation 22:1-6. How is the end of the story similar to the beginning?

On the formation of humans

The term “formed” gives the imagery of a potter shaping and creating  a vessel. This imagery is used other times in the Bible to the work of God in our live. (See Isaiah 64:8, Isaiah 45:9, Romans 9:21) What do you see in that verb about the work of God? 

  • Review 1:26-29 & 2:7-25. What do these verses teach about our original purpose and task? What does this episode tell you about the nature and purpose of humans?

On creating Adam & Eve  

Genesis 2:6-7 describes Adam’s creation and verses 20-23 describe Eve’s creation.  

  • Why do think God did not make Adam and Eve at the same time? 
  • Eve is described as Adam’s “helper.” What does that mean and what does it not mean. (Of the 8 times “helper” is used in the Bible, seven times it refers to God. For example, Psalm 46:1)  
  • How do you understand similarities, differences and uniquenesses of male and female? What can you  learn from this passage about relationships with the opposite/ complimentary gender? How could you be more “helpful” to your spouse?

On Marriage & Companionship 

  • Have you had times of intense loneliness? What helped or didn’t help you? Christ was forsaken for us on the cross to guarantee the eternal presence of the Lord in our life. 

Verses 24 & 25 describe the foundation for marriage. (Referred to by Jesus and St. Paul)  

  • What does the “for this reason” refer to?
  • What four ingredients of marriage are stated in these two verses? 
  • Ephesians 5:22-33 expand the theology of marriage. How can husbands and wives apply these verses in today’s culture? How does marriage serve as an object lesson for our relationship with Christ? 

Pray together and for each other 

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