Week 1

Genesis 1

  • Can you name the 7 “wonders of the world”? How many are still in existence? (A quick internet search will show the right answer)
  • What are some of the most striking architectural designed buildings you have seen?  What makes them striking?

The Book of Genesis is the book of “beginnings.” Genesis 1 describes the creative work of God who blesses His creation. This pre-history of Genesis 1-11 describes the foundation of God’s work in the world.  This section of the Bible provides the roots of the world and describes God’s heart in dealing with His creation. Take time now for a prayer to prepare everyone’s heart to hear God’s Word.

Read Gen 1 – 2:3

On the creation of the heavens & the earth

  • In the 34 verses of this section, how many times is God named? What do you think the author (Moses, under the inspiration of God) is communicating about the world?
  • The Bible assumes God created the world. What does agreeing with that idea mean for a person’s stewardship of life? Read Psalm 24:1-2. This Psalm restates God’s ownership of the world and our role as “stewards.” How would you describe your understanding of this truth?
  • How has the natural world helped you encounter God? What in the natural world helps you see God’s goodness?

On the creation of humans

Look again at Genesis 1:26-30.

  • What does the description “image of God” mean to you?
  • In what ways is human life distinct from animal or plant life?
  • Is there any significance between the blessing God gave humans (vv. 28-30 and the blessing given to animal (vs 22).

On God’s creation in Genesis

  • Do you have trouble believing in a 6 twenty four hour creation? Why or why not?
  • Read Colossians 1:15-20. How does the Son of God fit into Creation?

The human body…

A heart that will beat some three billion times…
Lungs that deliver breath through 1,500 miles of airways.
All superbly orchestrated by billions of nerve cells
And billions of miles of genetic information, In combinations that make each of us unique.

one incredible human body…

Every day it takes us on a miraculous journey, pushing the frontiers, meeting awesome challenges… Defying the boundaries of human achievement.

– National Geographic, The Incredible Human Body

  • What do you find most interesting about God’s creation?
  • Pray together and for each other Using Psalm 24:1-2 to begin.
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