On Sunday, November 3, we were joined by Rev. Dr. David Maier, President of the LCMS Michigan District, and Rev. Galen Walther, District Congregation Mission and Ministry Facilitator (CMMF) to share with us about the upcoming process for finding a new senior pastor as Pastor Rob prepares to retire as Senior Pastor. They outlined the typical steps a congregation goes through in the process:

  1. Circuit Visitor, in consultation with CMMF and District resident, arrange an initial meeting with the congregation. (This forum – in other words, we are here)
  2. Congregational self-study (Mission and Ministry Inventory) with the CMMF. (This is next)
  3. Congregation receives the results of the Self-Study.
  4. Names of possible candidates are received from congregational membership.
  5. Official request for a Call List and nomination forms from congregation are sent to the District President through the Circuit Visitor.
  6. District President may remove suggested names from or add additional names to the Call List.
  7. District President sends Pastor’s Information Form, Self Evaluation Tool, and a brief evaluation of each candidate to the Circuit Visitor.
  8. Call Committee reviews and researches the list.
  9. Voters’ Meeting is held and the congrgation votes to extend a Call.
  10. Pastor-elect ACCEPTS the Call – Proceed to Step 11.
    Pastor-elect DECLINES the Call – Return to Step 8 or 5.
  11. Pastor-elect is installed as Pastor.

Currently, we are heading toward Step 2 which will happen early in 2020. The District will help lead us in a self-study that will help us see who St Matthew is, what our strengths are, and help indicate the qualities our next Senior Pastor will need. This process will begin around February and everyone at St Matthew will be encouraged to participate.

In the mean time, please be sure to lift up our leadership, the District leaders, and this entire process up in prayer, that God would be at work to guide us forward through the process and lead us to our next chapter of ministry together.

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