Dear Members of St. Matthew,

For the upcoming church Fiscal Year, we will be conducting a search for one Board of Director member to replace Jay TenEyck who has reached Board of Directors term limits.

As outlined in the Church’s constitution, we have assembled and formalized a Nomination Committee to conduct the search and selection process.  The Nomination Committee consists of Christie Beyer, Pete Buhl, Michael Martin, myself, along with our Congregation/BoD Chair Brandon Lupp and Pastor Appold as ex officio members.

As an applied protocol for this process (this is not included in the Church’s Constitution or Board Policy Manual), we are inviting any recommendations/submissions from the congregation at large for members of St. Matthew that are believed to be an interested and motivational fit for the role of Board of Directors member. 

Per the St. Matthew Church Constitution, Article 3:

  • All Nominees shall be voting members.  No person shall be nominated without his/her consent.

As a general overview, duties of members of the Board of Directors include:

  • Attendance at monthly BoD meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Write policies that address general spiritual oversight, governance, and organizational decisions and process
  • Administer the finances according to the desires of the membership
  • Have the power to act on behalf of the congregation between Voters’ Assemblies

Board of Director members are elected for terms of two (2) years.  Board of Director members may be elected to three (3) successive terms.

If you would like to recommend a member of St. Matthew for consideration, please forward your candidate to Pastor Appold in preparation for the upcoming Voters’ Assembly. At that meeting the new Board of Directors member will be voted and confirmed.


Tom Shaeffer

Vice-Chair Board of Directors

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