Members of St. Matthew,

Over the past two years, a call committee appointed by the Board of Directors has been charged with identifying, interviewing, and eventually recommending a candidate to serve as the next Senior Pastor of St Matthew. To date, the committee has reviewed dozens of candidates provided by the Michigan District of the LCMS, poured over resumes, and conducted interview calls with those deemed to be a strong fit with our congregation.  

Throughout this process, the call committee has been praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in identifying our next Senior Pastor, and although they have identified many strong candidates, there are no viable candidates from our latest list to recommend for a call at this time. Therefore, on Oct. 19th the Board voted to temporarily suspend the work of our call committee.

The process of calling a new Senior Pastor can be very challenging and time-consuming—not only for our church but for the pastors we’re considering as well. Often, life events like a working spouse, children in school, or situations within their current congregation can inhibit a pastor’s ability to move. If you’ve ever been asked to move your family across the country to an unfamiliar place, surely you can understand the multitude of complicating factors involved. To date, the call committee has received high compliments from candidates regarding our congregation and call process; the Holy Spirit simply hasn’t led us to our next pastor yet.

In terms of next steps, our experience shows that the coming holiday season is an especially difficult time to generate engagement and interest from potential pastoral candidates, which is why we intend to pause the call process until early spring of 2022.

Pastor Appold will continue to joyfully fulfill his call as Senior Pastor of St Matthew, and together as a church we’re trusting the Holy Spirit to guide our congregation in the call process and lead us to our next Senior Pastor. The Lord has a plan for our congregation; we simply need to place our trust in Him and patiently wait for that plan to be revealed. Please continue to pray for our congregation, our pastors and staff, and our call committee. We will continue to provide updates as we progress.

In His Service,

Brandon Lupp
Chairman, St. Matthew Board of Directors

Dave Dryburgh
Chairman, St. Matthew Call Committee 

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