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The St Matthew Call Committee worked through the candidate list provided by District in October and November 2020. This included review of material provided and phone/zoom interviews with several of the candidates. Out of that list, we did identify one candidate that we feel might be a fit for St Matthew. For two reasons we have not pursued this candidate further at this time, 1) District recommends finding more than one viable candidate for consideration by the congregation, if possible, and 2) with the surge in COVID-19 and the uncertainty that causes at our church and at the candidate’s church, we felt it best to not proceed with in-person interviews or force a call decision.

With that being said, we have taken the following steps: A good follow-up conversation was had with the one candidate we would still like to consider. Our position was explained and the Pastor understood, and was willing to wait a few months to see how things come together in early 2021. He also agreed that to receive and consider a call at the time of the phone conversation (December 2020) would be difficult with the unknowns in the short term. We also reached out to District in early December 2020 and stated we would like a second list of candidates to consider. We are currently waiting on that list. 

So for the future, February 2021 and beyond, we anticipate receiving the second list from district within the next week. The committee would then work through the second list in February by reviewing the provided information and connecting via phone/zoom interviews. By the end of February we would hope to have an additional one or two candidates to add to the one we have from the first list. If they are willing, and the COVID-19 scenario allows, we would like to offer in-person visits to our top candidates. From there we would work with the Board of Directors on proceeding with the Call and the decision by the Congregation. 

I hope this helps inform everyone where we are at. The process is moving but slowly. Part of the “slowly” is intentional as it allows our congregation and our potential candidates to see this pandemic season through without forcing unnecessary disruption. 

Dave Dryburg, Call Committee Chair

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