Here’s an easy prayer idea that you can do as a family!

I decided to put a glass jar on our kitchen table with a bunch of slips of paper next to the jar. The rule: Fill out two prayers throughout the day and put them in the jar before dinner.  Yes, every person has to fill out two pieces of paper.

“What happens if you don’t do it, Mom?”

“You don’t get technology the rest of the night. Period.”

It’s a beautiful thing when as a lifelong Lutheran I can also teach a lesson about Law and Gospel in this homeschooling period of our lives.

My papers are cut all different sizes and I literally did nothing else but put a jar out.

We finished Day 3. No one has lost technology…yet. 🙂 Someone each night takes a turn reading all the prayers and then we go around as a family and talk and pray. The prayers can be a request, a thanksgiving, a praise – any prayer. It’s not rushed, we share what’s on our heart, we sometimes rip on each other at (it’s kind of endearing in a Wieneke kind of way).  🙂 The prayers we end up praying sometimes aren’t even on the sheet… just time with each other talking to Jesus. 


We’ve been praying for our parents/grandparents. They, like so many others their age it appears, aren’t taking this quite as seriously as we hoped and are a few hours away so we really can’t help nor do we want to possibly endanger them. Sure, my mom is almost 80 and has COPD but..well…you just don’t miss church if it’s open, Lori. They tried to comfort me by telling me that 20 other seniors were also there (they were surprised no “young people” were there) and one person even had an oxygen tank so they aren’t that bad.  Yes…prayer. Lots of prayer. I’m so thankful neither my kids or I got their stubborn gene. Whew. 🙂


We’ve been praying for our medical workers. God bless you. Thanks for risking yourself and your family for us. We are listening to you too! 🙂


We’re also thankful for the little blessings in life. 🙂

Keep praying families! Be thankful for sunshine and walks. Pray boldly for an end to this virus and vaccines to be developed. Heck, even send praises for limes! :). Just keep praying

God doesn’t quarantine from us. He’s always there.


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