Week 35

2 Kings 5

As you read through the Scripture, choose from the following questions to guide discussion in your group. Don’t feel that you need to talk about all of them. 

Read 2 Kings 5


When this story takes place, the people of Aram and Israel were officially at peace, though border skirmishes were not uncommon.


  1. How would you describe Naaman before he was healed?
    • Respectable
    • Courageous 
    • Proud
    • Superstitious 
    • Vain
    • Easily Offended
  2. How would you describe Naaman after he was healed?
    • Clean
    • Converted
    • Superstitious
    • Grateful
    • Vain
    • Generous
  3. What seems to bring about the Naaman’s attitude change toward God?
    • The logic of his servants
    • Water from the Jordan River
    • Intervention by God
    • The humility of Elisha
    • The request for forgiveness
  4. What did it take to convince you, like Naaman, that there is no God in the world except the Lord?
  5. Is your faith in God stronger today than it was one year ago?
  6. What do you suppose Gehazi was thinking?
    • Elisha was a fool.
    • Naaman got off too easy.
    • It’s a shame to let Naaman go home with everything he brought.
    • If Elisha doesn’t want anything. I might as well get something.
    • Elisha deserves to be paid. I deserve to be paid.
  7. What do you think caused Gehazi’s leprosy?
    • greed
    • guilt
    • lying
    • getting caught
    • It was contagious.
  8. What do you struggle with most?
    • fear – like the king of Israel (v. 7)
    • anger – like Naaman (v. 11)
    • pride – like Naaman (v. 12)
    • resisting God’s instructions – like Naaman (v. 13)
    • greed – like Gehazi (v. 20)
    • total honesty – like Gehazi (v. 25)
  9. How do you feel about a fellow believer, or group of believers, holding you accountable the way Elisha did Gehazi?
    • That would be great!
    • Yeah, great – just so they can’t see me all the time like Elisha could!
    • I wouldn’t like someone looking over my shoulder.
    • I can hold myself accountable.
    • It’s scary, but it’s also what I need.
    • That’s what this group is all about.
  10. If you haven’t already let it be known, is there anything you would like this group to hold you accountable for?
  11. How can the group pray for you?
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