A fundraising campaign to help buy additional property in the future and to reduce debt.

Is 54:2  Expand the space of your tent.

Stretch out the curtains of your tent, and don’t hold back. Lengthen your tent ropes, and drive in the tent pegs.

Is 54:3  You will spread out to the right and left.

Your descendants will take over the nations, and they will resettle deserted cities.


It’s time for us to STRETCH and to lay the foundation for our next chapter as a congregation.

The past  –  By God’s grace, St. Matthew Lutheran continues to experience numerical and spiritual growth.    Our Sunday morning worship attendance is  often over 400 and five years ago it averaged 321.  This past summer our VBS had a record number (268) kids registered and 70+ were preschool children.  More space would give St. Matthew an opportunity for physical growth.

The future –  Of course, no person knows the future.  We do know the future will bring change.  We know staff will change, present friends will become older, new friends will be added. However, we can be sure that God will bless!  That is why we can be confident, joyful and bold in the Lord!

The Plan – St. Matthew is asking everyone to pray about additional giving to fund two objectives.

  1. Purchase more property in this area as it becomes available. Six years ago we made a purposeful decision to expand our facility and stay located on our present land.  We believe the easy accessibility and visibility of Cascade Road positions us to serve God faithfully.   We have a covenant with our west neighbor to use their parking lot on the weekends.   We know that in the future other properties will become available for us and when the opportunity arises, we would like to have the ability to act.   Additional land could be used for more parking and/or added facilities (estimated dollar amount $600,000).
  2. Reduce our present indebtedness. As of September 2018, our debt is $672,866 and we pay $55,128 in debt service payments a year.  By acting now, we could significantly reduce or even eliminate the indebtedness and then use that loan repayment money for additional staff or ministry items.

What are we asking everyone to do?   

  • Pray and discuss with your family how God would want you to participate.  You may  want to give to one of the objectives or to both.   Whatever your decision is, then participate joyfully following your God-informed inclination.
  • Make a three year pledge by November 11.  Of course, we need everyone to continue generous giving to the general fund and budget.  These new expenditures would be “over and above” your current level of giving.