It has been an adventurous and wonderful week here at St Matthew! Record numbers attended this year’s Vacation Bible School. God is so very good. Over 235 kids, a ton of smiling volunteers, hundreds of donations, a mission project of love for a school through The King’s Table Ministries, a church beautifully converted into caves, and one joy-filled, Christ-centered VBS week where we learned, sung, danced, shouted, and gave thanks to Jesus for giving us His hope, His courage, His direction and His love. Follow Him!

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A special message from our fearless Cavers:

Our sincerest thanks for being a congregation of love and service!  VBS could not happen without all our volunteers and very generous donations (both monetary, food, and supplies).  The videos and pictures truly do not do justice to the joy of Christ and the energy of the kiddos felt at VBS this year.  The smiles and praises from the kids and adults present brings tears and smiles to so many. Many people who come to VBS may not know Jesus but He shined through you and your actions this week.  It is a joy to serve along side of you.  Lori (Stella) and Nancy (Clara)